RE House

– Location : Kota Baru Parahyangan – Site Area : 786 m2 – Building Area : 597,5 m2′ _________________ RE house is located in a pleasant residential area at Kota Baru Parahyangan, Bandung. This house has a modern natural concept, we attempt to create an unique geometry with natural materials and moveable secondary skins as […]

TC House

– Location : West Jakarta – Site Area : 198 m2 – Building Area : 266 m2 _________________ TC house is located at Greenville, west Jakarta, surrounded by clusters of residentials. This private house aims  to be an icon with modern and natural concept in this residential area. This house consists of 2 floor levels, […]

T House

– Location : Bandung – Site Area : 1461,5 m2 – Building Area : 1050 m2 T House _________________ T house is a private residential project with the site positioned at a hoek part of the cluster. The house is located in a mountainous area with a very good view towards the city of Bandung. […]

Flip House

– Location : West Jakarta – Site Area : 330 m2 – Building Area : 475 m2 _________________ Flip house is located at Sunrise Garden Residences, West Jakarta. Surrounded by clusters of residentials, this private house aims to be the iconic modern and natural house concept in this residential area. Flip house consists of 3 […]

Basecamp Sportsbar

Location : Greenlake, Tangerang Site Area : – Building Area : 190 m2 Project Owner : Mr. D Project Type : Commercial _________________ The Basecamp Sportsbar is located in the greenlake city complex. Surrounded by clusters of residentials this sportsbar aims to be the local community hub of the young families of greenlake city. With […]