About Us

Architecture is not just about buildings and structures, it’s in every aspect of life. Architecture creates spaces which influences the subjects within, wether they realize it or not. In the context of space, Interaction between the subject and space creates an environment, which needs special attention to prevent environmental problems. We, Alima Studio, understands how important architecture is, not only for our client as an individual, but also for the society globally. For us, architecture is a blend between art and engineering to create a harmony of spaces for a better living.

Based from the same vision to create a better living environment, Alima Studio was formed on June 2014. Growing steadily with a passion in our hearts towards perfection, we provide answers to what our clients asked from us. To create an affordable and highly functioning architecture, for business, investation, and living. We see architecture as how we architects, solve a problem beautifully. We believe that our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority, thus we utilize the latest technologies to further improve our designs.



Arnold Achdijanto

Founded Alima Studio and served as Concept Director, Arnold graduated in 2013 from Tarumanegara University. With a break through in public space design, Arnold Won 1st Place at Public Expose STUPA 8.15 in 2013 with his Project the Urban Democracy Center. He Also Won 2nd Place in “Kompetisi Karya Tugas Akhir Mahasiswa Arsitektur ke 10”.  

Since he graduated from Tarumanegara, Arnold joined an architecture consultant located in jakarta. He handled many residential and commercial project within the firm, earning vast experience in commercial design and concept. He then utilizes his skills in further developing Alima Studio as Concept Director.

Hendry Winata

Graduated from Tarumanegara University in 2013, Hendry Winata was one of the four founding fathers Of Alima Studio. Having a huge interest in events and organizations, he participated actively in the events held by Tarumanegara’s Architecture Student Comittee, leading him to become the Chief Executive of HUT 23 SKETSA, a massive architectural event in collaboration With SKETSA – a respected architectural magazine. 

After graduation, Hendry joined an architecture consultant located in Jakarta. Earning vast knowledge with projects throughout the archipelago, Hendry managed commercial designs and high rise buildings as architect. Utilizing his well earned skills, He develops Alima Studio as Project Director.

maximillian marcel

Being one of Alima Studio’s Founder, Marcel graduated from Tarumanegara University since 2013. Since junior high school, Marcel has been extensively involved in organizations, these experiences led him to understand and learn to work with various people. Marcel was also active in Tarumanegara university’s organizations and events. He had a chance to hone his skills further in leadership and management when he served as Chairman of Tarumanegara’s Architecture Student Comittee.

Since he graduated from Tarumanegara, Marcel joined a commercial architecture firm in Tangerang. Working on many commercial projects throughout Indonesia, he gained extensive experience in commercial and high rise building design. With his passion and team building skills, Marcel sets to develop Alima Studio as Studio Director.


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