About Us

Based from the same vision to create a better living environment, Alima Studio was formed on June 2014. Growing steadily with a passion in our hearts towards perfection, we provide answers to what our clients asked from us. To create an affordable and highly functioning architecture, for business, investation, and living. We see architecture as how we architects, solve a problem beautifully. We believe that our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority, thus we utilize the latest technologies to further improve our designs.

Our Services


Our expertise in architecture ranges from small projects such as private houses to big projects such as office tower and mixed use complex.

Interior Design

We provide interior design solutions with a different approach. Our interior design works varies from private residentials with modern luxurious style to cafés with industrial style, Japanese themed, even malls with ballrooms.

3D Rendering

With a good 3D image applications of concept design and how the space is treated can be delivered correctly to clients. With this understanding, we are able to produce high quality 3d visualization with various styles.


Urban design have a very big impact towards the smaller components such as buildings. An efficient infrastructure leads to an increase of property value and also a high satisfaction towards building function. Our masterplan works varies from mixed use complex to large urban facilities.

Recent Projects

Here are some recent projects of Alima